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A Quick Message to Large, Retail Chain Stores

This website promotes alternative sales methods to traditional supermarkets for the simple reason that it's so difficult to get new specialty foods products into these large chain stores. If you're a part of the management of a large food retailer, you have the power to start changing that. 

The barriers to entry to have new specialty foods products onto store shelves are very simple, yet complicated. The problem seems to be rooted in the past, where historically, new products have little chance of succeeding. Thus it's nearly impossible to even get a store buyer to even talk to you, because they are busy and it seems to be a time. 

A new constructive strategy for these new, tough economic times, where large retailers have the opportunity to help thousdands of small specialty foods businesses from cost to coast grow, helping the economy, would be to prepare an information packet to send, via email to these small businesses, detailing what it would take to become a supplier.

Another thing any large distributor or retailer could do to help small artisan producers with interesting, healthy new local products, is to have a more affordable, reasonable pricing structure for small businesses. 
At present, small producers cannot come close to affording the same margins and pricing structure billion dollar corporations pay, since making healthy, artisan products in small batches results in unit costs higher than the retail pricrs of mass produced items. 

Think about it. You have the power to create new jobs and make your local economy grow!! Why not try it?! 

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